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“Strangers Become Friends”

March 31, 2023

By Kimmy Foulds

Turn a creative block into an energized groove with enthusiasm, alertness and rejuvenated imaginative savvy.

As there are endless letters in the alphabet to form significant words to configure bountiful senses into sentences, so are creative ideas to revive positive, motivated talents and experiences.

Venture a road trip in a convertible minus a destination.

Pick wildflowers in an ongoing field of nowhere.

Reach ripe fruit on trees to test for height.

Bicycle around communities to eventually stop.

Stroll the shoreline without a goal in mind.

Listen to an impromptu concert sounding from afar inside a portico.

Drive over a precipitous bridge white knuckled as the metal swings.

Try paddle boating on a lake in circles.

Sit at a campfire with strangers who become friends.

Dance in an intense evening rainstorm barefoot outside.

Wake up before dawn to witness the magical sunrise.

Tumble in leaves to hear rustles and detect crunches.

Swim in saltwater for knowledge.

Make a picnic lunch just in case.

Plop on a floppy sun hat inside for the day.

Gaze at the moonlight for wonders that might happen.

Hand signal the peace symbol frequently.

Close both eyes to exhale only productive releases.

Mold concepts with play doh to admire daily.

Gear up to ride the surfs or not.

Invite a professional to connect with a professional group.

Roll down a hill and keep repeating.

Jump in water puddles to perceive big splashes.

Turn upside down on the sofa to see upside down.

Stoop to collect holey seashells to thread into an art windchime or jewelry.

Choose to ride in back of the truck on a gravel road.

Write a kind word anywhere.

Learn an awkward dance that turns into intrigue to sway all day.

Rest on a park bench as the invitation to reflect.

Join a hopscotch game for memory and balance.

Strum a guitar that has been idling in the corner as a timeout.

People watch in different places to reminisce about the exchanges.

Linger with visual amazements of dolphins, sharks, turtles, marine life in the wild.

Fry green tomatoes again without the smoke detector beeping.

Stare at swishing ocean waves with curiosity.

Switch the cell phone to silent for silence.

Blow soapy bubbles and anticipate their landing.

Think of a wish at sunset that will really come true.

Climb into a shopping cart to discover possibilities.

Practice stone skipping with the opposite hand at a water’s edge.

Rent a cabana to do nothing.

Count Palm trees in view and give them lovely names.

Donate slightly used clothes at a DV shelter.

Embrace wet sandy feet as a free spa scrub.

Buy a Betta fish with the promise to care for it with committed intentions.

Intake a breath and notice the wind on a smooth sailboat journey.

Click a selfie next to a cool looking statue just because.

Plunk down on fresh cut grass knowing critters are hiding in the soil.

Say hi to people.

Look up.



Creativity will be ignited to gain the restored pep.

Love will return inside.

Give thanks for touching adventures.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!