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Personal, Professional Character

Innate Affectionate Supportive Individual With Unselfish Desires For All To Advance With Opportunities

Proficient in multiple tasked assignments for client, public services from initiation to completion in fast-paced environments with dependable trust in turnaround time, confidentially, loyalty, competent organization and acute comprehensiveness.

Attentive Conversationalist

Compelling communicator in written, verbal, film, radio, television promotional techniques and on-air dynamic personality talent experiences with pliable memorable impact. Gifted published writer and publicist.

Exceptional social skills as a listener, tuned-in observer and an alert articulator. Generous, grateful behavior and extrovert mannerisms, personally and adeptly, as a DISC-IS Coach.

Rejuvenate To Energize

Beliefs in the importance of education, learning new knowledge, grow in challenges and progress with honesty, tact, courage, integrity, dignity and persistent in a cheery friendly gracious sentiment.

Realizing effective communication on all proportions for meditation or rest are requisites in every responsibility of life, including business.

Goal-Driven Intensity

Resourceful results on multiplex levels of daily workflow, time integration, coordination on missions, proactive foresights, brochures, newsletters, presentations, layouts, event planning, marketing and brand endeavors. 

Innovative, studious and analytical professional in managing developments under stress and impromptu deadlines, while maintaining qualitative credibility, with sophistication, calm composure, encouragement, fairness and patience.

Practice Due Diligence

Self-inspiring motivator and independently directed colleague. Understanding and an open-minded steward collaborator as a team player and problem solver to secure revenue for satisfied, returning clients.

Strong, pungent and proven negotiator with persuasive, influential proficiency in decision-making as a resilient self-reliant and unit participant for meaningful and favorable solutions.