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{As The Author Lives By The Ocean On An Isolated Florida Island, She Cheerfully Welcomes Her Love For The Sea Each New Day In A Parfait Of Aquatic Joyful Upbeat Surf And Play}

“Sweet Amour”

April 13, 2024

By Kimmy Foulds

An ample hungry morning appetite can be in beautiful sight when one touches and frolics in the crystal blue oceans to stir notices in recognizing natural inner chirpy sunlight with strong confidence along the day’s plentiful path to indubitably perceive everything will be swimmingly alright.

Be awakened within to spark encouraging visions to begin or resume those dazzling dreams of aspirations to be illuminated with exaltation and clearly comprehend in jovial worthwhile anticipation to transpire into literary communication.

Though today is not scripted, life’s inspiring moments can be inaugurally written throughout the significant day’s 24 hours that can be scrumptiously created and harvested by articulation as each second turns into minutes that have a start to an end without repeating the exact same again.

Sweet, impressive amour can be cherished and gleaned to positively propel into today as a vitalizing colorful life’s individual history page in instinctively balancing one’s curiosity in calm generosity to apply bountiful motivational gleeful qualities.

Sensing abundant angelic blessings can derive and arrive with peppy rejoices in optimistic grateful attitudes by igniting gracious outlines of God’s gifted creations to clutch splendid designs with every heartbeat to actively be alive in the day’s pastel sea of copious exquisite glories and appreciate to keep believing in Christianity’s amazingly poise of acclaimed Lord of Lord’s devotedly creed.

Giving peaceful thanks to the Lord above is a praised value to reverently know and intellectually grow with believable feelings of spiritually belonging when one is loved near or far away and more each day to spend time in profound endearing thoughts, prayers and wishes sent miraculously and happily, “Under The Sun,” to one’s adoringly meant someone’s lively murmured whisps of clouds drifting in Cacharel’s engulfing Anais Anais fragrant vapors across the miles with admirable imaginable tender message doves wooing in directed affectionate coded routes toward unconditional love.

Reflect, from sunrise to sunset.

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Graciously thanking everyone with grateful appreciation expressed.

Looking forward to virtually meeting and getting to know you!