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“Brilliant Hairy Idea”

December 24, 2022

By Kimmy Foulds

Though hair mats have been researched, tested and implemented for decades, the brilliant blotting idea to soak up oil and chemical spills with ecofriendly mats made from human hair and animal fur are gaining emergence to benefit the delicate earth’s environment.

NASA has reported to have assessed and developed booms and mats from these biodegradable materials and discovered the alternative functions are profoundly successful with multi-purposes.

Abundant hair and fur provide massive designs to utilize these types of mats to immerse various harmful and accidental substances as vital resources to eliminate polypropylene in landfill waste.

There are processes with different companies to ensure contaminants, if any, are removed from hair and fur to make the mats.

After inspections are passed, the most common procedure is for the hair and fur to be separated, spread over a frame and a felting machine.

The final product is a biodegradable sponge mat that is affordable and sustainable to protect the world’s ecosystem.

For more interest on this topic or to join the action, view CNN News Story or Insider Business.

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